Looking back at my childhood, I now realize how lucky I was to grow up in Montreal during the 1960’s and 70’s. I was able to watch and enjoy the Montreal Canadiens, the most successful franchise in professional sports history, during their glory years.

Now as an adult, I am trying to recapture those memories by collecting memorabilia of the Montreal Canadiens. That is the goal of this Web Site. I am attempting to organize and categorize Canadiens memorabilia and in doing so, set up a reference site for the thousands of Montreal Canadiens memorabilia collectors all over the world. Whether you are an advanced collector, a Habs fan, or just interested in finding out about a specific collectible, I hope you find this Web Site informative and interesting.

I’ve tried very hard to ensure that the information in this site is correct, but sometimes errors and omissions do occur.

Also, remember the prices listed in this site are only to serve as a guide and collecting should be for fun and not for investment. If you do find any errors, have any questions, or would like other Canadiens collectibles included on this site, please contact me at info@canadiensmemorabilia.com.

-- Erle Schneidman

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